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CGC Comic Submissions via The World of Comics

Every comic book certified by CGC is graded by the most experienced and trusted team, according to well-established grading standards.

Once certified by CGC, a comic book is encapsulated in a state-of-the art, tamper-evident holder, providing superior protection and stability for long-term preservation.


Professional comic book certification from CGC offers you countless benefits. CGC have established a trusted grading standard that makes comic book transactions safer and more transparent. Every CGC-certified book is encapsulated within an attractive, durable, and tamper-evident holder which utilizes cutting edge technology to provide the best protection for your books. Front and top labels display comprehensive information about your book and its grade


How do I get my comics graded


1) Email with a list of the comics you would like slabbed and graded .

2) We will send you a price and a time schedule for your comics to be graded

3) If you are happy to go ahead email us we will tell you your nearest place to post or hand deliver your comics too

4) We package your comic books and ship insured on your behalf to CGC in Florida, USA

Once they reach destination, they will be officially graded, authenticated and encased.

Once completed they are shipped back to us (still fully insured).

5) Once your books are back with us in the UK they will be posted back to you via a 'signed for and tracked' courier service.

6) The price we quote is fully inclusive of all shipping , handling and insurance . Full customs paperwork is all done by us as well , there are NO hidden postage or custom charges .


It really is that simple , no hassle for you . We have many many returning customers


By accepting for us to act on your behalf you are accepting the Terms and Conditions below :



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        Receiving                             Grading                        Enscapulating                       Shipping

The CGC Case


The crystal clear plastic’s superior optics unleash a comic’s true color and vibrancy. The redesigned label is cleaner and easier to read, showcasing the grade and even more details about the book, and allowing you to easily identify the book from both the front and back.


The holder’s sturdy outer plastic better resists impacts. The holder design uses precise pressure to lock the comic in place for enhanced protection, and the hologram affirming authenticity is now hot stamped and embedded into the plastic for improved protection and increased security.


The CGC holder and label are easy to apply in fewer steps, which streamlines the entire encapsulation process. The simplicity and speed of the process help the CGC team turn books around faster with even less handling.


Comics / Magazines we grade


The CGC holder is made of state-of-the-art materials and is designed to meet the needs and demands of comic book collectors.


CGC grades most standard comics that do not exceed the following dimensions:

10-1/2" tall (266.7 mm)

7-5/8" wide (192.532 mm)

1/4" thick (6.35 mm)


CGC will NOT grade comics that have a hardcover, a jeweled cover or treasury-sized comics. There may be other comic books that we cannot certify. Exclusion of an item from this text does not guarantee certification. Please remember that no floating items can be encapsulated with the comic book (i.e. Certificates of Authenticity, Pedigree COA's, free-floating 3-D glasses, poly-bags). Poly-bagged comics must be taken out of the poly-bag before being graded.

Magazines We Grade


CGC grades most magazines that do not exceed the following dimensions:

11-1/2" tall (292.1 mm)

8-7/8" wide (223.012 mm)

1/2" thick (12.7 mm)

Terms and conditions of Transportation:


Your comics are pregraded and checked in Uk then they are sent to USA for slabbing and grading , the journey for your comics is by Fedex or UPS in the rare time that any comics are damaged or lost we abide by the Fedex or UPS claims system and will help you through the claims process . The final amount of compensation is decided by the couriers and not by World of Comics .

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