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Back Issue Comics

The Back Issue Comics are from a personal collection of over 128,000 ...

We are selling them on our Amazon Webstore , EBay , Ebid we only have approx 5000 comics listed on these sites , please Email us or use Contact form opposite for any specific titles you are after we supply many this way.

We check daily that we are at the lowest price for our comics on the websites.

Some are as low as 1p others in the £££££ 's

We have a comic locating service details are below:

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Comic locating Service

We have many contacts in the Comic industry around the world , we will locate and find any comic book you are after.

Whether CGC , non CGC , low grade or highest grade available

Please email with title and grade preferred

We will contact our various colleagues etc to find you the best price and grade and will email you back with full details and time of turnaround

Often we go on 'buying trips' with a list of requests for customers with a high degree of success

So why not email us and let us try for you !!

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Maybe that comic you are after is in the secret chest ????